Friday, May 15, 2009

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I need to clean my room, if you haven't heard that new Twista song called Wetter you need to certified baby maker. Got woken up by D.C. finest lol hype cause her grades good lol she's a weirdo but that's my hommie. Still going through it with Miss 704 my whole thing is ladies if you feel a certain way about a dude TELL HIM !!!!!! Don't wait until things aren't going your way or things make a turn for the worst before you open you mouth cause it might be to late. Men are not the type that's going to put there feelings and heart out on the table and read the small signs that say " Hey I care about your ass " most dudes don't think like that. I'm speaking less and less to yall know who everyday but shit she has a phone just like i do so in the words of my teammate " i ain't trippin ". Summer 08 has come around for Summer 09 this summer will be filled with hard work in the classroom and in the weight room so if the female in my life doesn't have the time for that you might as well kick rocks now. I been getting texts and phone calls from Y.A.A. who is that one may ask she is " the ONE " yeah you know that first love that will for ever have a spot in your heart shit everyone has that one. But yeah she been hitting me up and what not i said my life is crazy but I'm used to it being that way.....that's all folks....and I'm out

Friday, May 8, 2009


Man oh man......what a let me start off by saying whatever my mom is whipping up smells like Heaven and why is the lady next door cutting grass with a winter coat and sweat pants on as hot as it is outside. Well people I started my day off by cutting the grass being a good son ya dig and kicking it with with gang you know....chillin. OK...OK...OK... ima cut straight to it I have a girl right and I really care about this one like I really do "but" then again im still in love with the single life i haven't talked to her all day cause i dont want to say the wrong thing or jump to anything. So with that ima just play it by ear, and with that being said there was someone I was kinda/yes/no/maybe I was fucking with before all of this and she is crushed. I mean its nothing to me to see a chick cry but damn I really feel bad and my sister called me and cursed me out and some more.......GEEZZZZ. Then I get a phone call last night from Summer 08 ( you know you gotta have a name to protect there identify ) and she is like she wants me to come see her and all of this and I'm like naw and she found it quite funny. Then I went to my mom's job and got hit on by some ladies she works with....that's just plain nasty. My neck is feeling better tho which is a good thing and now Miss 305 is trying to come back in my life. Huh......things are just crazy im kinda in a hole right now not really replying to text or phone calls at this time. I need to get my mind right and stop bull shitting with peoples hearts and minds, mainly the main cause she didn't ask for all of this.....well that's it.....and im out.

Do people even read these things lol

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Chillin pt. 2

Damn.....I mean I was sleep for most of the day lol.... But yeah today was I don't know my neck is killing me i need to try sleeping different I guess. Im bored as hell tho i know i can say that much there is no where to go and no one to see, well i wouldnt say all of that but then again i am being the good guy. Me and the girl had our first little spaz today but it was nothing really she came at me a little strong...AWWW how Over some little girl trying to get at me in this restaurant ( off subject but i ordered this drink called.....i cant remember what it was but it was good as hell and got me a little fucked up) anyways like im really trying to get the do's and dont's of a being with someone i was in a long term deal a while back but i mean that was when i was in my teen years. Take it slow that's what my mom is saying so i guess that's the best advice, but do chicks get mad when you dont answer every text or phone call the send you ? Sometimes i dont feel like talking to anyone and it seems like she feels some type of way about that sometimes but hey unless something is said ima do me. Oh, and last but not least to my ATL homegirl ( yeah you...LOL ) im not mad or upset with you in anyway you have been down for me no matter how foul i have been and i really thank you for that and you know im here if you ever need me. And im sorry if i missed mom's cooking things are getting pretty crazy around here, and my dad.......i dont really know he hasn't really been himself lately and its kinda getting to me ya know. Well thats all folks.....for the ones who know me i talk alot so there may be more to be said before the night is over with......and im out

Chillin at the cribo

So......I'm back at the crib finally i mean hell i have been driving all day. I know some are like well Richmond is like an hour away from Hampton....True....( thanks for that word ). But i just been ripping and running, got done with all my finals and was about to go ham on Ms. Scales ass. How old is she anyway? I'm thinking more like 112, she reminds me of the lady that is at every Sunday School service just to be there she isn't doing anything just there. Oh, I got a new lady in my life....word. She cool as hell i don't know how this thing will go but who knows. Just being for real I haven't had the best of luck with the whole "Girlfriend" thing but ima really give this one a shot. She fine as hell You know what is funny as soon as it was put up on Facebook i lost alot of female friends and plus ooooohhhhhh did i get it with nasty text and long as phone calls ( I still love you sis ). Someone was hurt really bad in the wake of things and shawty im sorry, you should have been more clear with what you wanted instead of just assuming I knew. Come on now, I can take a hint but i can't read your mind. I like this blog thing i really thing ima keep at it .... well get at me world....and I'm out